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Editorial Information

Dr. Hanafi Hussin

Guest Editor

Dr David Martin Jones (University of Queensland)


Ederson Delos Trino Tapia (University of Makati, Philippines)

Dr Francisco Perlas Dumanig (University of Malaya)

Dr Hanizah Idris (University of Malaya)

Dr Kim Hyung Jong (University of Malaya)

Dr Lili Yulyadi Arnakim (University of Malaya)

Dr Lowell B. Baustista (University of Wollongong)

Dr Mala Rajo Sathian (University of Malaya)

Dr Maria Khristina S. Manueli (theologische Hochschule Reutlingen, Germany)

Dr Mary Susan Philip (University of Malaya)

Mazlan Majid (University of Malaya)

Dr. Rodney C. Jubilado (University of Malaya)

Dr Stephanie Pillai (University of Malaya)

Dr S. Thirunaukarasu (University of Malaya)

Dr. Rodney C. Jubilado (University of Hawaii)

Desiree Quintero (University of Malaya)

Wayland Quintero (University of Malaya)

Board of Advisors 

Dr David Martin Jones (University of Queensland)

Dr Elizabeth Collins (Ohio University)

JDr Jacqueline Pugh-Kitingan (Universiti Malaysia Sabah)

Dr MCM Santamaria (University of the Philippines)

Dr Ruby Gamboa Alcantara (University of the Philippines)


Editorial Assistant

Last update: 07-03-2017